gird your loins…it’s almost a new year!

okay. i don’t know how four months have passed without a post. actually, yes i do. the new medium that i was dabbling in proved to be a disappointment. well, not the results themselves, but the durability (or lack thereof) of the finish i had created with a basic clear matte topcoat. i researched and found what i believe could be a viable alternative, but by that point, i had run out of gas. so i took a break.

now, this break didn’t necessarily mean that i wasn’t creating. well, actually, it did, for a while. but i eventually got my creative gears churning again and made some pretty good stuff. but it wasn’t the stuff that i had put so much time and effort into, and had such high hopes for. c’est la vie. it is what it is. perhaps when i stop looking at the pile of chipped baubles that i labored over for hours and hours with an expression of equal parts deflation and indignance, then i shall get the ball rolling with them again.

so, of late, i have been chasing the elusive/illusive creature called ‘organization’, and attempting to make my creative life less of ‘where the h*ll did i put that thing…i JUST had it?!’ and more of ‘i feel like i can conquer the world, because everything i need is EXACTLY where it should be!’ or something along those lines. the dangerous thing about that, is, that since my workspace is also a storage place for some of my other addictions crafts, i have gotten stars in my eyes over the possibilities of making other things besides jewelry. i know…it is a perilous line i’m treading.

to be specific, the craft that is calling to me like a siren is sewing. hand sewing, cross-stitch, embroidery, machine sewing…if it is done with a needle, i am jonesing for it. (let’s hope i don’t come across heroin while i’m organizing…) and felt. oh, my goodness. FEEEEELLLLLLTTTTT. i want to make little things with felt and blanket stitch. it is a little scary, to be honest.

please don’t mention to me that i’ve had knitting on the needles for months (for specific people, may i note) that still. isn’t. finished. plus babies to knit for. oh, dear. discipline. it is always what i’m striving towards. i suppose it’s fitting that it’s new year’s resolution time. number one on my list (always) is fostering more discipline in every facet of my life. i will do my utmost, but i expect several face plants and dizzy wandering this year. would you like to come along? i could use some company!

what are you resolving to conquer this year?