yep, i blew it.

funny how quickly good intentions turn to dust, isn’t it? i can hardly believe that my last post was in february. actually…yes i can, because, well, i’m me.

the good news is, i have been creating, and that, my friends, is a welcome thing. orders have been trickling into my etsy shop, i have been prepping for a spring show (more details coming soon), and i have been hand-stitching some wee bunnies for my big sister to use in my newest niece’s nursery. here’s a finished one:

completed felt bunny_1

squee! i have plans to create some more embellished versions (think embroidery details, fur variations, and possible clothing) in the near future. but for my sister’s vision, they needed to be simple and monochromatic.

in the meantime, i will share the modifications i made to the pattern, found here.

first, i increased the size by about 50%, using my handy dandy printer/copier. i did away with the outer ear portion, as it seemed too large, and i wanted to keep the look simple, anyway. i added a rounded portion at the bottom of the ear, to make it easier to tuck into the slit in the head. i also sketched up a teardrop-shaped tail to replace the pom-pom one that the pattern called for. here’s a pic of those altered bits:

completed felt bunny bits

also, instead of embroidered eyes, i used little glass beads, and did away with the nose stitching. perhaps the biggest modification i made was to substitute felt for velveteen for the body. this was due mostly to convenience and expense. i may make a trip to the garment district in LA to shop for some suitable faux fur/velveteen in the near future. i am very tempted by other patterns in that seller’s shop!

this bevy of bunnies (i am making five) will be adorning a simple mobile for my niece’s nursery. i can’t wait to see the finished product!

thank you for stopping by, and keep your eye out early next week for a post on what i’m creating for my spring show!


what do i do when i’m not making jewelry, you ask?

well, there are many things i COULD be doing (many of my endeavors leave my hands dirty or sore or maimed), but lately, i choose to knit. mostly because it is relaxing (for the most part), and there is almost always something wonderful as the end result. right now, i have picked back up my bunny knitting. if you are a Facebook friend, you have tons of adorable knit bunnies peppering your feed when i am actually knitting for any length of time. as to what i SHOULD be doing, there is a great, long list that makes me break into a cold sweat just thinking about. (spring cleaning on steroids, for one.)

before you take a peek at what’s been hopping off my needles, and fall madly in love and go straight-up bunny crazy, let me provide the following disclaimer: these bunnies are NOT for sale. i make them because i like making them, and they are going to be adopted by lucky little ones that i happen to love. not to mention that the pattern copyright forbids the sale of the finished products, which i adhere to out of sheer principle, apart from the legal ramifications. talented people and hard-working small business people deserve to have their work protected.

so, if you really feel you MUST have one, either it’s time for you to learn to knit, dust off your rusty skills, or wait for the genuine article to become available when the very busy pattern writer has a batch finished. be warned, though, they are not cheap, and they sell almost instantaneously. (and for good reason…they are AMAZING!)

now, feel free to squeal with adoration and slip into baby talk while you peruse these little critters.

A dapper, vested boy bunny.

A dapper, vested boy bunny.

bunny love_2

A little bunny romance in the making…


gray dutch bunny_4

A cheeky girl bunny.

you can find the patterns here, and keep tabs on the lovely, and very talented pattern writer, julie williams, via her blog. among her other talents are gorgeous photography and gardening. you’re welcome.