prepping for a spring show!

as promised, i am here to fill you in on what i’m working on for an upcoming spring show. i will be selling my wares at an event called ‘spring fling’ at amy’s farm in ontario, california.

yep…i shall be in the open air, surrounded by farming enthusiasts, and the farm’s four-legged and feathered inhabitants. and i can’t wait! the april 11 event runs from 10AM to 2:30PM, and admission is $7 for ages 2 and up.

if you know my work, then you know that i am all about flowers and nature. and, since i will be at a farm, and already have a botanical bent to my work, i thought it appropriate to explore those other garden delights–vegetables. yep, i am making vegetable-themed pieces:

deliciously dainty veggies for your ears!

deliciously dainty veggies for your ears!

i thought it would be fun to embellish the hang tags with a vintage-style seed packet design with the name of the vegetable in question. appropriate to the venue, interesting to look at, and helpful for shoppers to identify the vegetables, too!

in addition to veggies, i will have some berry-themed pieces, as well as some butterflies, ladybugs, and, of course, all those lovely flowers i am known for. any new pieces leftover from the show will be listed in the shop, so keep your eye out!

working toward a specific goal is helping me stay on track, creatively speaking. i feel inspired and productive…which is a welcome change.

here’s to spring!


some developments

In an attempt to climb out of the Etsy doldrums, I decided to reach out to a potential mentor. She was very receptive, and I now have a sounding board for how to work the Etsy machine. Along with tweaking my photography, I am tackling a slow and steady SEO rework on my listing tags and titles. This should keep me busy for a couple of months!

In addition, I have been making a ton of treasuries (those of you who follow me on social media are painfully aware of this!), in an effort to drum up some reciprocation. It is a necessary evil, but it gives me an opportunity to pay it forward to some of my Etsy buddies who also need some added exposure. I am hopeful that it won’t be too long before I begin to see some payoff for all this effort! Etsy itself may not appreciate my style of jewelry, but there are plenty of people who do.Image

These beauties are available here.

it looks like spring in here…

i have been busy, busy, busy…furiously ramping up stock production on the more intricate pieces in my shop. looking at the volume of what i have produced is pretty awe-inspiring, considering how little i enjoy assembly-line style creating. repetitious work tends to wear me out, as i would rather be creating something new.

alas, it must be done, and i am sure to benefit from having this many goodies ready to ship for the holiday season! take a peek at what i have been up to:


that’s a whole lot of miniature bouquets made from really cool vintage enamel flowers…the type used to make old costume jewelry. they will be adorning these:


together, they form the focal pieces for the ‘delicate tattoo’ necklaces that always get a ton of attention (and sales!) in my shop. you can find them here. there aren’t a bunch in stock right now, but there will be soon, so keep an eye out!

and sew it begins…

i have been busy prepping for my upcoming craft fair in december. (here’s a link to the facebook event page…if you’re local, i would love to see you there!)

yesterday, my buddy liz and i made a quick trip to the Garment District in Los Angeles to scout some supplies for my booth, and found this gorgeous cotton embroidered ribbon. i am no seamstress, and this stuff frays like the devil, but i am determined to make it work. i love its shabby chic look! if it doesn’t get the better of me, i will hopefully have a really fab decoration for my table!


crystals and glass

my jewelry line has evolved greatly since i opened my shop on Etsy in 2008. however, one of the earring styles that i have made for several years now is a dangle made of glass beads from the Czech Republic, clustered with Swarovski crystals. i love how chic and versatile they are, and can dress up any outfit. it is a style that appeals to many of my customers, since it has some sparkle, but doesn’t make too big a statement.

cluster earring process_2 clusterearringprocess_1

i also love that the color possibilities and combinations are endless! i am working on a bunch of them to bring with me to my holiday boutique, as they are a steady seller, and reasonably priced, of course, which means you can take home a few variations without breaking the bank. you can find them here in my shop.