less mucus, more housework

it is tuesday. i am finally feeling markedly better, thanks to some quality time with my neti pot. my head is becoming clearer, and that is a blessing, friends.

i was musing about some of those ideas i threw out there the other day for structuring my blog posts. turns out, i am a hoarder. i hoard ideas and cool stuff, and i hide them under a bushel. this is a problem when you are looking for things to share with the universe, you understand. i shall overcome, of course, and there will soon be nifty things littering my blog posts. promise.

in the meantime, with the clarity that comes of draining one’s sinuses, i am faced with the aftermath of being ill for a week or so, and it is less than appealing. toys are strewn about, dishes and laundry need doing, and it is killing my ‘i’m almost healthy!’ buzz. i often find comfort in the mundane, repetitive chores, but right now, i just want to be still and ruminate on the potential of the coming days…not sift through and restore order to playthings. can you blame me?


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