still chugging along

still here, y’all!

boy, i am never quite prepared for the new year…i still have all my bookkeeping to do for tax season, and my workspace is a straight-up disaster. i have a lot of ideas and plans swimming about in my head right now. ideas for new jewelry designs and techniques, brainstorming about what to do with my eggs aside from etsy, and how to focus my efforts into streamlining my work from start to finish.

the whole etsy thing continues to be a heartbreak for me, as i see more and more dissatisfied customers post in the forums about how they were duped by take-your-money-and-run shops, or by fake handmade items. etsy has chased after an audience that was not tailored to its core values. as a result, etsy is now bursting at the seams with resellers, and customers who just see it as another ebay or amazon.

as much as i like to hope that somehow, things will swing the other way, i can’t delude myself into thinking that my work will ever be visible enough there to grow my business.