it looks like spring in here…

i have been busy, busy, busy…furiously ramping up stock production on the more intricate pieces in my shop. looking at the volume of what i have produced is pretty awe-inspiring, considering how little i enjoy assembly-line style creating. repetitious work tends to wear me out, as i would rather be creating something new.

alas, it must be done, and i am sure to benefit from having this many goodies ready to ship for the holiday season! take a peek at what i have been up to:


that’s a whole lot of miniature bouquets made from really cool vintage enamel flowers…the type used to make old costume jewelry. they will be adorning these:


together, they form the focal pieces for the ‘delicate tattoo’ necklaces that always get a ton of attention (and sales!) in my shop. you can find them here. there aren’t a bunch in stock right now, but there will be soon, so keep an eye out!


and sew it begins…

i have been busy prepping for my upcoming craft fair in december. (here’s a link to the facebook event page…if you’re local, i would love to see you there!)

yesterday, my buddy liz and i made a quick trip to the Garment District in Los Angeles to scout some supplies for my booth, and found this gorgeous cotton embroidered ribbon. i am no seamstress, and this stuff frays like the devil, but i am determined to make it work. i love its shabby chic look! if it doesn’t get the better of me, i will hopefully have a really fab decoration for my table!